Looking for a Brand New You?

The Playground of the Dull Mind

2 min read I have been reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (yes, I know that I am late to the game here). And this quote really got me thinking: “Consistency is the […]

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2 min read I understand that it is very tempting to sit at home and work in your trackies or PJs. Well, I don’t really, but apparently that is what people are doing.(WTFWWFH?) […]

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Zoom Fatigue – it’s a thing…

4 min read Your personal brand about the way you make people feel. We know that long term success comes down, in a large part, to your ability to connect with people. People […]

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Maslow’s doing a handstand!

3 min read Do you remember Maslow? The author of the seminal psychology piece in 1943,“A Theory of Human Motivation”. I remember meeting him for the first time at university in a subject […]

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Market yourself as a luxury brand

2 min read Have you walked past a Gucci store lately? Seen the line? Marvelled at the prices paid in the secondary sneaker market?  Watched the MetGala with gaping mouth at the excess?  […]

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supreme brick

Why do people buy this ‘stuff’?

2 min read Have you heard of Supreme? You must have? The company that has kids lining up around the block to buy their products? They get ordinary products and add the word Supreme […]

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