Looking for a Brand New You?

Brand New You (BNY) is Australia’s number one personal branding agency. Through our unique programs, we focus on understanding the individual’s strengths and how to project these, creating great impact. Your personal brand is your way of making your stamp on the world. It is about being deliberate, distinctive and authentic.

For more than a decade, BNY has built a reputation for delivering insightful and relevant programs, supporting the highest performing teams across the world’s best organisations.  We count more than 35% of the ASX 50 as our clients.

Our program uses material and research created by the world’s leading authorities and institutions and combines it with marketing and branding techniques developed over three decades of working with clients.

Specifically, we draw on:

    • Psychology techniques and research – traditional and modern.
    • Acting techniques developed by leaders in their field.
    • Marketing and Branding research and insight from across the profession.

Combining these techniques, we help people to increase their presence, impact and influence.  We provide training and share skills in developing:

    • Your personal brand.
    • A voice of authority.
    • A powerful presence.

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