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Our Clients

Our clients are the most forward thinking organisations and people.  They understand that their brand is all about the people that represent them.  They understand the true power of beautiful connection between people.  They are the brightest and the best.  They invest in their people.

BNY counts close to 20% of the ASX 50 as our clients.



You know you’ve absolutely hit the mark when people are still talking about your Learning Summit 4 weeks later! Though, I couldn’t have achieved this outcome alone...
Emily and Jo of BNY, together with Suzi produced a brilliant program that allowed individuals to leverage strengths to ensure better conversations and satisfaction through presence and impact - in both their personal and professional lives.
Working through the program design and learning outcomes together, Emily became a trusted advisor and allowed her humorous self to shine in how she approached her work. Her energy was infectious. In the design phase of her Personal Branding and Impact workshop, she was constructive in her approach to achieve outcomes through the lens of our business and our goals. This meant that the participants could relate and see the tangibility of the content in their day to day work situations.
The feedback post the program from the emerging leaders target group, comprised of a diverse mix of individuals from our commercial, engineering and support teams, proved that the strategies explored in the program allowed individuals to understand strengths in context, it also provided all with a practical toolkit to take forward in their interactions with others to improve quality of relationships. These techniques will transcend time and stick with individuals as they grow in their roles and beyond.
Couldn’t have found a better partner in BNY. Thanks again you absolute legends!!

Rebecca Lin

Senior Advisor-Capability & Culture


Emily and Suzi recently ran a workshop for the Business Application Management team and we cannot say just how thrilled we are with the results.
This was the first time our team had ever sat together and considered the value of personal brand. Many of the team were nervous and apprehensive about the concept of personal brand but were promptly put at ease, and were highly engaged within minutes of the session starting. Emily’s practical approach saw the team understand the value of their reputation in minutes, and saw the team determined to keep honing their skills afterwards. The team loved Emily’s focus on putting forward an honest and authentic personal brand, being the’ best you’ and allowing others to see that. Not only did it make the team feel at ease about their brand, it made them motivated and excited to share that.
We cannot wait to bring the BNY team back to further coach the team!

Joanne Simpson

Executive Manager, Business Application Management, Group Operations, Property & Commercial Services


During a BNY workshop, I received the single most actionable piece of feedback in my career. Thank you!

Sarah Smith

Manager, Governance, Reporting & Communications, Transformation Team, Institutional Banking Services

Women in Payments

Working with BNY was a very insightful experience. Emily took the time to delve into my business, understand my short and long term goals. She did a lot of research, benchmarking, and analysis to come up with a plan that worked well for me. She broke the plan into a easily-executable, step by step action list, making it easy to move forward. Her insights were valuable and informed, and I’d happily engage her and BNY again in the future.

Kristy Duncan

Founder & CEO

Career Trackers

Thank you, Emily and Brand New You for getting behind our program just because you believe in us!
Emily gave the final keynote speech at our annual leadership conference in front of 850 students who are the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander industry and community leaders.
Our students are bringing true the notion that Indigenous = Success and Emily's talk was an absolute game-changer for our students navigating corporate Australia to establish a successful career and also role models within their families and communities.
Thanks again, Emily and Brand New You for giving our students the tools to ask themselves 'the big questions' and build a brand that will help them achieve their goals in life and career.

Adam Davids

Learning & Development Director


I have been working with the Brand New You team this year as part of our Brand Ambassador Program. And what a resounding success it has been! We put 150 of our people through the program this year and the response was very positive; with participants agreeing that it was a worthwhile investment. This type of training was new for our organisation and for our people. Emily and her team took up this challenge and excelled at every turn. Thank you.

Jill Murray

Head of Marketing & Communications, Australia Pacific


Thanks Emily for the great session you and Suzi ran for our team recently.  Everyone loved it.  It’s so rare that we run a session and everyone finds it engaging and worthwhile – your session did both and in spades!  In fact one of the team were able to put into practice what they’d learnt within 30 minutes!  A few others put into practice their new skills the very next day – simple as leading with their heart to get a great outcome. 

Danielle Edwards

Program Strategy Lead


A huge thank you to Emily and Jo from Brand New You for our afternoon of laughter and learning.  Following our branding session that was tailored specifically to our role as EAs, we now feel more empowered and better equipped to deal with the myriad of situations and conversations we find ourselves in on a daily basis.
 Our time with Brand New You was a timely reminder that we are an integral part of our respective team and we need to consistently take the time to review our brand and re-focus ourselves.  Inspired!
 Thank you Emily and Jo – you truly inspired us!

Karen Benzie

Executive Assistant

Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands

We engaged Emily to speak to our 'women in leadership group' on developing presence and building our own personal brand. Her positioning quote, 'be anything but be deliberate' really resonated with the group and that was our central theme for the afternoon.
After deciding that a shady grove in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney would be the perfect workshop theatre, Emily had everyone bare foot, sitting on picnic rugs, and practicing our breathing in a matter of minutes. She engaged the introverts, tempered the extroverts and everyone walked away with some great practical learnings on what we could focus to develop our presence and some thought provoking themes to develop our personal brands. I thoroughly enjoyed Emily's session, received great feedback from my participants and would absolutely work with Emily again in the future

Belinda Meyers

Director, Corporate Services & Governance

Whitehaven Coal

The workshop with Emily and her team was an engaging insight into personal branding, presence and impact.  We learned tools and techniques that are instantly ‘usable’ not only in the professional realm but also in your personal life. Emily’s business background combined with her expertise in this field results in a delivery that is both informed and engaging. The workshop was energising and delivered in a fun and interactive way.
 You know it’s good when you have a team of busy financial professionals totally engaged for the entire workshop. Highly recommended !

Selina Moulton

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Charter Hall

The pleasure was all ours!!
Thank you for your authenticity, wisdom, pizazz and inspiration!
The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many ‘aha’ moments for our current and aspiring leaders.

Lana Ledgerwood

Talent, Diversity & Change


Emily’s sold-out session with our EY Network of Winning Women was fascinating and fun. Grounded in wide-ranging evidence, Emily brought personal brand to life with examples of behaviours that we all immediately recognised in ourselves and those we work with.
Emily built a compelling link between marketing and professional services and left us with some inspirational advice to help us to deliberately portray our best and most authentic selves. The feedback from women across the firm has been fantastic.

Rachel Charles

Partner, Network of Winning Women Committee

Ray White

It is often quite a challenge for me to convince our commercial real estate guys to attend training sessions, let alone keep them engaged for a number of hours. Emily and Suzi managed to successfully do that, and create a relaxed and very entertained atmosphere in the room for the whole session. I have had a number of our agents tell me that this has been their favourite and most valuable training session yet.

Nina Clarke

Commercial Administrator


My team of 7 had a 3 hour session with Emily and Suzi recently. Our jobs involve day to day dealings across a broad range of people including senior management. It was a powerful session helping each team member develop awareness of how they presented and providing techniques to enhance their impact. I am using those techniques daily. I highly recommend Brand New You to those who want to learn how to build presence and enhance their impact at work, and also have a lot of fun!

Suzanne Currie

Head of Group Property

The Westpac Group

A few of my team said that you were the most engaging speaker they had ever seen!

Andrew McRae

Executive Manager, Personal Banking Services


Recently, Emily was the keynote guest speaker at an internal event within our organisation, where she delivered a speech on a personal branding. Emily’s speech was both entertaining and very informative and we received a lot of positive feedback from attendees.
The content was relevant and useful, Emily had us all thinking about our personal brand, how to define it and shared some useful insights and tips on portraying your authentic self and creating a personal brand.
Emily is a dynamic presenter, she is very engaging and personable and has a magnetic personality. I would highly recommend Emily as a guest speaker and as an expert in personal branding.

Jacinta Barnes

Finance Strategy and Business Partner


Blackrock engaged Brand New You to present at our top leadership development day. The material is insightful, current and presented in an engaging manner. Our team rated the session highly.

Shane Flatman


Credit Suisse

Brand New You was instrumental in taking my public speaking skills to a higher, more professional, level. I already had plenty of public speaking experience but required assistance in allowing me to adapt my capability to a range of environments and formats. Brand New You helped me build the right skills to do this.

Hasan Tevfik

Equity Strategist


We engaged BNY to help us with our Westpac Wardrobe launch for our 200th year. We wanted our people to not only look the part but to better understand how important their individual personal brands were in delivering for our customers. BNY were critical in developing & delivering the programme. They were part of the team from day one. They were responsive, creative and engaged every step of the way. I would not hesitate in recommending Emily & her team.

Deb Leader

Head of Westpac Brand

Plaut IT Australia

Plaut IT has enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with BNY since BNY came on board as marketing consultants in 2010. By 2012, we made the decision to outsource the full suite of our marketing requirements to BNY, who provided Plaut with access to fresh ideas, strategic marketing capability and operational marketing activity at a cost effective price. With the successes we have experienced to date with BNY, Plaut has never looked back. From our brand identity to our public relations, event management and digital content delivery, BNY consistently outperforms.

Sebastian Moore

Chief Executive Officer


From our inception as a business, BNY have provided EchoJunction with an exceptional and high quality service. From the initial brand work, to website creative, promotional goods and eBooks, it’s all innovative, cutting edge marketing with a friendly, attentive service offering. I highly recommend BNY’s work.

Adam Fraser

Founder & CEO

Tribeca Investment Partners

We engaged BNY to meet with our clients, develop an understanding of how our brand was perceived in the marketplace and create a feasible marketing strategy based on these results. Working with the BNY team, we have found a depth of marketing expertise and knowledge combined with a customer focus and sense of urgency that is rare.

David Aylward

Chief Executive Officer

The Conscience Organisation

As an advertising agency, we are constantly looking for professional development opportunities for our talented people to reach their fullest potential and adapt to an ever changing and super competitive marketing landscape.
We chose BNY to run a personal branding session for our team to focus on developing strategies for their professional and personal brand. The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. They felt it the best training session they have ever attended as it contained a lot of concise, actionable ideas and methods. They felt energised and engaged by the insightful ,practical and considered content on how to extend their personal brand into all aspects of their lives, not just social media.

Rachel Clarke

Head of People & Culture

Henderson Matusch

Your presentation to our team at HM was informative, entertaining and inspiring. You truly know your stuff and how to capture the attention of an audience

Colin Archard

Managing Director


I worked with BNY on a personal branding program, as well as being part of a branding workshop with our partnership team. On both occasions I was impressed with BNY’s ability to provide relevant insights on how to engage and interact with others in a more powerful way and the best way to leverage my strengths and experience. BNY took me through a well structured process that enabled me to have a stronger external focus with my investors, my team and other stakeholders and provided some very useful skills required to adapt to specific audiences and situations. I found working with BNY to be a highly valuable investment in my time, and the rest of the team at One Ventures also enjoyed working with BNY during a half day workshop on personal branding and presence.

Dr Paul Kelly

Managing Partner


Your session was perfect in helping our people better influence others across the company and when dealing with external vendors.

Stuart Hall

Chief Operating Officer, Westpac Retail and Premium Bank


The session was interactive, Emily was fun and energetic and the feedback received was very positive.
We had Emily present again at this year's Graduate Week and we will continue to schedule the branding and presence presentation due to it being the most highly regarded by our graduates.

Michelle MacDonald

Senior Human Resources Manager

Syrah Resources

Have you ever felt empowered? I had not realised my own capabilities until spending time with Emily and the team. They brought about a greater sense of awareness in the way people perceive me. I now unconsciously use the skills they identified which I always had but never utilised.
These small but powerful changes have amplified my achievements in business but also in my personal relationships.

Tolga Kumova


Henderson Matusch

Thoroughly engaging and thought provoking presentation from Brand New You. Thanks Emily for the contribution to our 2017 Henderson Matusch conference Passion to WOW.

Ben Matusch



We recently engaged Emily to run a short session for our team as a major project we were all working on was coming to a close and the team needed to turn their attention to sourcing new roles or projects. Emily and her team were fantastic in providing the team with some thought provoking hint and tips on how to position themselves when they are networking or being interviewing for a new role.
We don’t often take the time to think about personal brand and Emily certainly gets you thinking about the impact even small elements of what you project on others has - from what you wear, the way you sit and speak - right down to the coffee you order. Well worth the time and investment.

Simone Hart

Head of People, Culture and Change


If you have a desire to improve your communication skills, the manner in which you present yourself and the brand that is "you", then you need to engage with Emily and her team.
They are a truly passionate and commited group of professionals that come together to offer a totally unique experience that is completely focused on driving a successful outcome. I personally gained immense value from this program.

Tony Armfield

VP Sales

The Westpac Group

You are hilarious and extremely engaging – many leaders forgot the stress of their day jobs and you captivated them for the whole 2 hours. The content of the workshop is relevant for all people – not just leaders. They are keen to share their experiences.

Cody Jones

Team Assistant, Business Banking Services


The coaching BNY provided to my team was delivered with high energy and humour providing a challenging yet safe and enjoyable environment to apply the skills being taught.
BNY understands the unique challenges of the professional services environment which is invaluable to anyone working within it.
I highly recommend Emily and Brand New You

Rose Coburn

Head of Clients and Industry

Polczynski Lawyers

Emily and BNY are fresh and innovative. Recommended through a mutual business acquaintance, my law firm was looking for something new and different for our annual workshop and business planning get-together. Something to energise the team on how to make a difference both personally and professionally to help achieve key business objectives. The process and outcome was quality and professional. BNY were very effective in taking their boilerplate toolkit/presentation and adapting it to our specific and focused needs on the connection between personal brand and our business priorities. Through that, we explored in a fun and learning way all aspects of personal brand, its fundamentals and practical elements and how to connect personal brand, personal and professional development action plans and how they tie in to the overall organisational business priorities. The end product is a set of action plans that aim to both address business success and personal development. Win – Win. In my 35+ years in C-suite roles around the globe, I found Emily and BNY one of the more creative, innovative and simply clever firms to work with. They have my endorsement.

John Rumpler

Advisory Director

University of Minnesota

Emily Kucukalic is an amazing presenter with the ability to educate and captivate an audience, backing her insights with research and hilariously entertaining personal examples that masterfully articulate the point. The information covered in our 4 hour session left the students wanting more. Throughout our 2 week class, the students kept referencing insights on personal branding, breathing, thinking and analyzing relationships. You've changed thoughts, perceptions and increased self awareness in all of our participants. Thank you for having such a wonderful impact by just being you

Heather Nagle

Assistant Director

University of Sydney

We loved it all! The speakers were engaging, their material insightful and their activities fun and useful! The understanding gained about how image and brand including dress, body language, and even tone of voice is perceived by others will help our students to advance in their careers and lives.
We would look forward to welcoming the Brand New You presenters back to College in the future.

Dr Amanda Bell

Principal of the Women’s College


The presentation is timely for our students, engaging and very useful. A great "conversation starter" for this age group with plenty of time left in the year for students to change habits, practice techniques and attend to their personal brand.

Cherlynne Wiliams

Director of Careers

The King’s School, Sydney

We were privileged to have Emily and Kathryn give a dynamic and powerful presentation to our Senior Student Leaders, focusing on developing their reputation and brand as central to their approach to leadership. Emily and Kathryn are energetic facilitators who deliver in a highly entertaining and interactive manner, using humour and real life scenarios to engage and inform our leadership team about the importance of presentation and conduct with a 21st century context. I would recommend the team from BNY to any educators seeking to give their students an edge in their approach to self development which will hold them in excellent stead, both in school and beyond!

Dr Steven Middleton

Director of Leadership

The Scots College

The team from BrandNY spent three hours working with our newly appointed Prefect Team. The program was engaging,challenging as well as fun and the students gained an insight about ways to improve their personal brand.
The session also proved to be a great way to bring a new team together. Highly recommended.

Peter Young

Student Academic & Welfare Co-ordinator


Emily and Suzi’s presentation to our team was thought provoking and most importantly useful. Our team's questions and comments in the weeks following the training have shown the impact of the session.

Annie Gardner


Camberwell Grammar School

What a great afternoon and evening with the Brand New You team of Emily and Suzi who worked with our senior students, staff and parents. With the sessions focused on knowing and developing your own personal brand, we were educated on the evidence-based research behind the human psyche, the power of social media as an influencer, developing greater self-awareness and being deliberate in being who we are and what we have to offer. The sessions were insightful and entertaining, and left us with plenty to think about for ourselves and in continuing to work with our young men in better understanding, developing and presenting themselves. A bonus to any self development program!

Rachel Falloon

Deputy Head

Cranbrook School

It was a delight to have Suzi and Emily provide an energetic workshop to our Year 11 students on Personal Branding and Presence. It was an informative session, whereby the boys were able to actively participate in role plays and scenarios to focus on areas such as body language, voice control and effective communication.
I would highly recommend them and their team from BNY to any school which is in search of a dynamic, hands-on approach to developing distinctive and authentic leaders and senior students.

Melinda McCallum

Assistant Head of Science