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Posted on: Sunday, May 10, 2020 Category: Blog (58)
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I understand that it is very tempting to sit at home and work in your trackies or PJs. Well, I don’t really, but apparently that is what people are doing.(WTFWWFH?) And while there are those who suggest that relaxing a dress code can be emancipating, here are five reasons why you might want to think twice;

  1. Once I did a conference call in my pyjama bottoms and a suit jacket and full make up (it was 2AM in London and I was talking to Australia). The call went on for much longer than I had anticipated, and I needed to get up to go to the bathroom…and couldn’t…
  2. If you wear your trackpants every day, you forget what a waist band feels like…
  3. Since birth, we have been programmed to associate lounge wear and pyjamas with slumber. Every time we put them on, it signals to our brain to go to sleep. You are unlikely to be your sharpest in loungewear.
  4. Research shows that the feelings we attach to the types of clothes we wear, subliminally influence our behaviour and we perform in a way that is congruent to what is expected based on our attire.
  5. Wear shoes. When actors are given a role, one of the first pieces of costume they get, is their shoes – it is so they can get to know the character by literally walking in their shoes. What does your character wear?

We know that, when we look good, we feel good. When we look professional, we are more likely to be judged as professional. So, get up and get dressed. After all – what have you possibly got to lose?

Our ability to connect with others is what enables great brands and great people to become successful. This is because people buy from people; not from organisations. People work for people; they don’t work for organisations.

In an increasingly globally competitive environment, your key competitive differentiator is your ability to connect and leave a lasting impression on those you meet.

8 Steps to a Brand New You is an 8-step course that aims to develop your understanding of what makes an impactful personal brand, how to recognise and create your marketable difference, and how to translate this in a manner that helps you out compete your competition. Click here to find out more.

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