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The Playground of the Dull Mind

Posted on: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Category: Blog (58)
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I have been reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (yes, I know that I am late to the game here). And this quote really got me thinking:

“Consistency is the playground of the dull mind.”

It stood out because one of the central premises of both branding and your personal brand is being consistent. Consistency creates recognition and recognition builds trust. So, when is being consistent dull?

Harari is talking about how we find creativity when things are changed, when things don’t turn out how they were meant to be, at moments of crisis. Who doesn’t love the 80s? An economically depressed time when the music, art and fashion scene really changed and became so much fun?

Now we are at the crossroads of freedom and equality – two key elements that Harari sees as competing goals of the right and left side of politics. The right being prepared to protect our freedom and the left our equality.

Right now equality is winning. But, with economic depression, it will be freedom’s turn. And with that comes some things that might make us feel better.

And in comes that word PIVOT. All my friends with corporate jobs are ‘pivoting’ – this is boring company speak for creativity. They are having to give up on consistency and change what they are spruiking. Because it doesn’t matter if people trust your brand if they just don’t want to or can’t buy it.

So how do you build creativity into your brand? How do you re-brand, re-fresh or …dare I say it? PIVOT?

  1. Find out what your strengths are – if you don’t know, see the end of this email.
  2. Think about how can you use these strengths in this time.
  3. Realise that things may not go back to how it was soon – or ever.
  4. Realise that to have something to do right now is an absolute privilege.

Don’t know your strengths?

We use the VIA Character Strengths tool. Developed by Dr Christopher Peterson and Dr Martin Seligman, the founders of positive psychology, this is a great, free tool to get you started thinking about your strengths.

More than 8 million people around the world have completed this survey. Take the Character Strengths survey and we will send you some information about your strengths!


Our ability to connect with others is what enables great brands and great people to become successful. This is because people buy from people; not from organisations. People work for people; they don’t work for organisations.

In an increasingly globally competitive environment, your key competitive differentiator is your ability to connect and leave a lasting impression on those you meet.

8 Steps to a Brand New You is an 8-step course that aims to develop your understanding of what makes an impactful personal brand, how to recognise and create your marketable difference, and how to translate this in a manner that helps you out compete your competition. Click here to find out more.

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