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Questing people are always on a journey

Posted on: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Category: Blog (58)
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You focus on the journey not the destination.  You are perpetually observant, looking at those around you and living in the moment.  You live for the right here, right now.  You have an open mind to embrace change and an interest in everything and everyone you come across.
You firmly believe that the ultimate human calling is ‘to do’.  You cannot stay still.  You want to be endlessly working, giving and contributing.  You believe that everyone should contribute to society.

Questing people:

  1. Say, “Let’s do this and I will complete….”
  2. Volunteer readily
  3. Are natural organisers – they always take on more than their fair share
  4. Will try anything
  5. Smile easily – they find joy in everything

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