Looking for a Brand New You?

Molten, super fierce.

Posted on: Sunday, September 11, 2016 Category: Molten (1)
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Molten brands are unavoidable.  You are a big influence on all around you.  People notice you.  Steamy and sultry – a red core that moves in a spectacular manner.
You make a huge impact when you walk in a room.  You take up a great deal of space.  You are not necessarily loud – rather you are there.  Just there.
You have a deep, resonant voice.  When you speak, you are heard.  Others stop to listen.  You confidently wear your costume.  You seek sleek designs and unusal tailoring.
Molten people:

  1. Enter a room, leading with their hips.
  2. Move in a free and supple manner – nothing is restricted about them.
  3. Wear their hair loose.
  4. Love unusual tailoring.
  5. Speak using their diaphragm – have deep and beautiful voices

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