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Incisive – cutting through all of the noise

Posted on: Thursday, September 15, 2016 Category: Blog (58)
Incisive (1)
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Incisive brands get to the point.  You do not mince words.   You are direct and forthright.  You like to find the fastest route.  You are ALL about the destination.  The ‘journey’ is far too hippy trippy!

You like to learn, but not from self help books.  You will not read anything that can be bought at the airport.  You love non-fiction, history, science and technology.  You love a good documentary and you like to stay abreast of politics.  But – it is not all serious for you.  You have a sharp wit,  wit that cuts through the noise – you can say what others are thinking and create a great deal of humour in being this way!


Incisive people:

  1. Wear sharp tailoring.
  2. Wear bold colouring.
  3. Make lists.
  4. Complete lists
  5. Have plans.
  6. Complete plans.

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