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Do you have a uniform?

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Let’s not talk about fashion. Let’s talk about uniforms. Uniforms = consistency which is a key element of your personal brand.

What is the uniform of your brand? Uniforms traditionally have two distinct purposes; the first is to stand out; to be conspicuous – think police force during a riot.  The second is to blend in; be conformist – the visualisation of a common set of values. This is the entire reason for school uniforms.

Uniforms provide status in an environment. When we look at someone in a uniform, we know where to place them. We know what we can expect of them and what role they are there to play. In a retail situation, someone in a uniform is there to help you, to assist. They are in the role of servant leaders. In the military, uniforms draw clear distinctions between levels of seniority. It is immediately apparent who is in charge.

How does this affect those of us who don’t have a prescribed uniform? If we think that what we wear as being a part of our extended self, a chance for us to tell the world a little something about ourselves – then we can easily start to think of our own wardrobes in terms of costume (or uniform) and not fashion. People see you before they hear you. Before you have opened your mouth, someone has formed an impression  of you (and if they have Googled you, and they have, they have formed it even sooner). So, what do you want that impression to be?

Clothes can shine a light on your core strengths and your values. You become believable if you look like what you promise you can deliver. You need to look like you can do your job. What is your brand’s costume? You want your accountant in a tailored suit, your doctor in a white coat and your personal trainer the picture of health.

FUN FACT: While we are not suggesting that this costume will work in your profession (though remember, you can be anything that you want to be as long as you are deliberate about it ), The Playboy Bunny outfit was the first service uniform trademarked in the US – it was such a key piece of the brand.

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