Looking for a Brand New You?

Building Presence.

Presence is about potential.  When people say that someone has ‘it’ – they are talking about presence.  Presence is all about being in the moment – enabling others to see you and imagine what you are capable of.

Our award winning presence training programme combines our deep understanding of leadership behaviour, consumer behaviour and theatre skills.  We  create a customised set of techniques and exercises that provide you with with the tools to make a really powerful impression.

93% of a person’s chance of ‘liking’ you is based upon your non verbal cues – and that is where we help you to build strength.

Presence training is provided one on one in our office or via SKYPE.   We also conduct presence sessions in groups , as part of workshops and seminars.  We tailor the content to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Ready to unleash the power of personal branding?