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Terri Reeves

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Terri Reeves commenced as a partner with BNY in 2012.  In 2018, Terri worked with Bicycle SA  as their Marketing and Communications Leader to build up her capabilities in the not for profit sector.  In 2019, she returned to the team to manage our fast growing outsourced marketing business. She develops and implements a wide range of marketing and branding strategies for our corporate clients.  Terri has deep expertise in both traditional marketing and social media campaigns.  She managed our clients Plaut and Echo Junction for five years before they were purchased by EY.

Prior to joining BNY, Terri held the position of Head of Corporate Marketing at AGL Energy where she developed and launched the Corporate Brand. Terri was also responsible for developing the Strategic Marketing plan for the corporate business, integrating complex businesses such as Upstream Gas and Merchant Energy. Terri worked with  EDS and American Express in strategic marketing roles. She has a wide range of experience in branding, social media, external relations and PR, both in the UK and Australia.  She and Emily have a strong working relationship having worked together at EDS, AGL and BNY.

Terri’s collage of her view from her bedroom window was exhibited at the Barbican in London when she was nine years old.