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Jo Martin

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Jo Martin joined Brand New You as a personal branding consultant in 2009 bringing with her over 15 years’ experience in PR, marketing and journalism. Jo helped build the business to be Australia’s leading personal branding agency and in 2019 returned home, to open BNY in New Zealand. Jo works across all BNY’s clients providing personal branding services and is relishing the challenge of growing the New Zealand business. She is our resident VIA Character strengths expert, having completed the Character Strengths at Work accreditation.

She has worked in London, Auckland and Sydney. Jo was responsible for launching several French luxury brands into the British marketplace including Longchamp, Anne Fontaine and La Maison de Chocolat, managing the launch activity and on-going marketing and public relations campaigns. Jo has experience in public relations in  the technology, banking and fashion industries in London and New Zealand with clients including SAP, Foundry Networks, the Westpac Banking Group and New Zealand Fashion Week.

Jo worked as a print and broadcast journalist, as a documentary researcher and production manager for New Zealand’s leading television production company, Touchdown Productions.

Jo has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Studies, Honours in Journalism and Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Communications. Jo topped her school in Classical Studies and English, she can actually read Olde Englishe, rustily!