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What’s Mum got to do with it?

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Karl Otto Largerfeldt, now known as Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1935.  His mother, Elisabeth, was a strong and powerful mother with an incisive tongue.  Here are some of the things she said to young Karl and some of the resulting impacts on his personal brand:

“If you want to talk to me, make an effort.  You are six and I am not.  Either do that, or shut up.”  Karl speaks four languages fluently – French, German, English and Italian.

“If you smoke, you show your hands, and as yours are not beautiful, you should not.” Karl is never without his fingerless gloves.

“Homosexuality is nothing, just like hair colour; some are black and some are blonde – who cares?”.  Karl has never made an identity out if his homosexuality.

Karl has cleverly crafted a strong personal brand.  It is the strongest in the fashion industry today. At the age of 81, he designs at least 17 different collections a year, and then he photographs them all as well as publishing books, magazines, creates exhibitions and guest edits other magazines.  He has adopted a costume for his brand.  The costume or uniform does not detract from his work, rather its consistency underlies the constant creativity we can expect from him.  His personal brand?  Universal Invention.

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