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What if you are your business?

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In small professional services firms, the client is often buying the service from the person who is delivering it.
Production and consumption occur at the same time, your clients are actually watching you as you deliver the service.  The gratification is instant, as can be the disappointment.
From a personal branding perspective, the organisation’s brand should reflect key parts of your own personal brand.
If you are someone who values order, precision and balance – you may choose grey, black and white architectural images and a brand name that is the partners’ names to reflect these.
Your built environment should enhance who you are and what you represent. These all have impact on the expectation of the customer to what kind of service they will receive.  Additionally, it builds consistency in the brand and therefore loyalty.  Customers become loyal because they get what they are expecting and they don’t get disappointed.
Equally so, if your brand is creative, quirky and playful – you may choose to have bright yellows, a tram for an office and jelly bellys everywhere!  What you can’t do, is be something you are not.  To have this built environment and then meet your customers wearing grey and speaking in a monotone doesn’t work.
It creates inconsistency, distrust (we know that you don’t believe what you are spruiking) and disappointment.  Remember – people buy from people, they don’t buy from companies.


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