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What’s in a watch?

Posted on: Thursday, January 15, 2015 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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We highly value heightened perception in others.  People who we think of as perceptive seem to do really well in life.  They ‘read’ people and give them what they want.  In the world of personal branding, this ability to adapt and ‘feel’ others is called Presence.

Psychologist and Nobel Memorial Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman explores this phenomena of ‘jumping to conclusions’.  Essentially, we all have a strong bias toward believing that small samples closely resemble the population.  Or put another way – we all believe that we can read ‘signs’ in others.  We are prone to exaggerate the consistency and meaning of what we see.

So why does this matter in personal branding?  If we know what the signs are that people look for – we can use them to tell our story.  If we want people to believe that we are energetic, fit, early risers and focused?  Wear a sports watch, a Polar or FitBit.  If we want people to think that we are eclectic and interesting, artistic and fashion forward – A Jeremy Scott for Swatch watch…..You get it, don’t you?



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