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What colour do you wear to an interview?

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Colours trigger a subconscious reaction in the human brain. Colours affect peoples buying habits.

Why is Facebook blue?

Why do clearance sales and discount stores predominantly use red and orange?

Why are hospital walls often green?

  1. Black – denotes power – it is considered sleek and luxurious.
  2. Yellow is optimistic and youthful.
  3. Red – actually causes a physiological reaction in humans, it quickens the heart rate and increases energy levels – it creates a sense of urgency.
  4. Blue equals trust and security.  Blue is clean and focussed and the colour most loved by men and women alike.
  5. Green is the easiest colour for the human brain to process and is considered a relaxing and serene colour.
  6. Orange is aggressive and creates a call to action.
  7. Pink is romantic and feminine but can sap a man’s energy.
  8. Purple is calm but old; a long association with royalty it also symbolises power and extravagance.
  9. Grey is sterile, professional, confident but not intimidating – the colour of accountants.

So what colour should you wear to an interview?

Wear blue get the job
 Words associated with blue are control, trust, loyalty, wisdom.  Blue helps you come across as honest and sincere.

Source:  The Telegraph, published Monday 1 December 2014.

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