Looking for a Brand New You?


Posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Category: Vaulting (1)
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1.leaping up or over.
2.used in vaultinga vaulting pole.

3.excessive in ambition or presumption; overweening; high-flown:vaulting ambition; vaulting pride.

You look to get there fast.  You look for the quick solution.  You can get to then end faster than anyone.  Excellence is not perfection.  You know that. The pursuit of perfection takes time and that is a luxury you don’t have.  To be excellent is enough. What does your brand look like?
  1. You respond to emails quickly.
  2. You are never late for a meeting.
  3. You willingly invite others to lead – if they are the right person.
  4. You look to the future – always.
  5. You are mesmerised by what can be and love predictions.
  6. You love all things modern.
  7. You are open and engaged.

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