What's your personal brand?

The 7,38,55 rule.

A brand has two components:

  1. Functional – what the brand or product does
  2. Emotional – how using the brand makes you feel

The difference between a good and great brand is the emotional engagement.  If all laptops largely offer the same functionality – why are we so prepared to pay significantly more for an Apple?  Why did Apple spend so much money on their retail store environments?  It is about the emotional engagement, how you feel when you are using your Apple.

In personal branding, the emotional component becomes even more pervasive.  The functional component of your brand is what you do.  The emotional component is what you could do, what you might be capable of.  Your potential.

The other big part of your emotional brand is simply whether other people like you.  Whether they like how you make them feel.  Not everyone will like you and this is a good thing.  It means that your brand stands for something.  That you represent something unique and different.

At the heart of all that we do with our clients are Dr Albert Mehrabian’s  (Professor Emeritus of Pyschology at UCLA) findings from a study he conducted on people’s power to influence others.  His findings were published in the 1960’s, and while many people debate them, they have not yet been disproven.

In short it states that your ability to influence people is based on the following:

7% what you say; 

38%your voice as you say it

55% what you look like saying it.  

To put it simply …. 93% of your ability to influence someone is your personal brand.

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