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Strong handshake = I am here for the long haul

Posted on: Monday, May 18, 2015 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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A recent study by Darryl Leong of McMaster University in Canada looked at the correlation between the strength of your handshake and life expectancy.  While, at BNY, we don’t look at research on life expectancy, as a rule – we are fascinated with research on making a first impression.
A strong handshake has long suggested a person in control, a person who will take the lead, is committed to the long run.  Dr Leong and his collaborators tested the grips of 140,000 people across the globe, between 35 & 70 and from 17 countries.
Three of these countries – Canada, Sweden and the UAE were wealthy nations.  Four were considered poor – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.  Ten countries, such as Colombia, Poland and South Africa were ranked as middle income.
The study found that Swedes had the firmest handshakes and Pakistanis the limpest.  The average grip strength recorded was 300 newtons (the same force that you would need to hold a 30.6 kg weight up).  So get training with the weights and show the world you are committed and here to have the conversation!


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