What's your personal brand?

Grow your brand and your business this year.


For the first time, we are opening our bespoke program to the BNY community with only 20 places available for our first online program.

Over eight weeks, we take 20 participants on a journey to uncover their personal brand and develop their authentic strengths, impact and presence.

Each week, we provide the theory behind the concept, with activities to bring the theory to life, and live and recorded sessions throughout the journey.


What you get.

  • Understand and be able to discuss your strengths.
  • Your personal brand statement, to use in your CV, on LinkedIn and in your bio.
  • Top tips on how to create impact, influence others and negotiate your way to success.
  • Real exercises – supplemented with videos, to help you build your skills in this space.
  • Real research – our award-winning programs are a culmination of decades worth of research from leading psychologists and acting coaches.


Are you ready for the 2020 you? Enrol Today.

  • Price: $ 450.00
    For multiple enrolments, please email [email protected]
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