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Persuasive, go on then….

Posted on: Thursday, September 8, 2016 Category: Persuasive (2)
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Persuasive people are easy to work with.  You are naturally outgoing, friendly and engaged. You have no problems being vulnerable.  You totally understand that you have to tell a secret to learn a secret.

Persuasive people deal in the art of flattery.  You are comfortable complimenting people.  Inherently observant, you see the tiny changes that a person makes and instantly recognise, acknowledge and compliment.

You are happy not being the leader. You want to advise, persuade and help.  You are a natural sales person  – you sell ideas, concepts and love.  How do you dress?

  1. Persuasive people wear little interesting and unique pieces that evoke conversation.
  2. Persuasive people wear blue because it represents trust and security.
  3. Persuasive people always look organised – like they have it together – so they are neat.
  4. Persuasive women wear red lipstick – nothing convinces more than that!

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