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Paper Doll Sophistication

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Jeremy’ Scott’s latest offering for Moschino at Milan Fashion week is full of whimsy and memory.  Who didn’t love playing with cardboard cut out dolls?  Dolls that wore their imprinted undergarments on their bodies and were then over layered with various outfits according to your mood.

Was there something more meant in the message?  Did Scott want to remind us that leaving a little to the imagination is one of the key ways to capture attention.  That mystery is so much more compelling than the full display option that is favoured by many in the media today and can be both monotonous and mundane?

Jeremy Scott for Moschino

Jeremy Scott for Moschino

Interestingly – a key reference to undergarments was the image of a full evening dress with the printed undergarments on the outside.  Was he reminding us of something?  Was it a not so subtle message that we should layer our story over the top of our underwear?

In a rush to bare all – we have left nothing to be pondered, wondered about, and imagined…………  Mystery is powerful.

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