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Orlando’s take on Diversity

Posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2015 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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What does Virginia Wolf’s great novel, Orlando tell us about sexual roles?  Orlando lives through many eras, changing from a man to a woman and back again.  Wolf questioned gender stereotypes in a way that still rings true today.  In the excerpt below:

“Can it be possible you’re not a woman?” and then they must put it to proof without more ado.  For each was so surprised at the quickness of the other’s sympathy, and it was to each such a revelation that a woman could be as tolerant and free spoken as a man, and a man as strange and subtle as a woman….”

She goes on to describe understanding as the main art of speech in an age where words are ‘growing so scanty in comparison with ideas’.  Staying true to yourself and your brand transcends all stereotypes – of sex, race, ethnicity, religion and age.  At the heart of true diversity is the unique you.  Diversity of though, opinion and outlook.


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