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Be wholehearted – Say I love you first

Posted on: Thursday, February 11, 2016 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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If you want to think about the heart and all things related to Love, Ted Ex star Brene Brown has a lot to give.  Her extensive social work research led her to identify exactly what makes people courageous.  Remember that the word courageous comes from the Latin word ‘cor’ which means heart.
She discovered that connecting with others gives meaning and purpose to our lives – both emotionally and neuro-biologically.  In order for connection to occur – we have to ‘allow ourselves to be seen’.
She describes these people as ‘wholehearted’ and identified three key traits that they shared:

  1. courage
  2. compassion
  3. connection

She also noted in order to connect with people, we had to be our authentic self.  And this is at the heart of vulnerability.  The necessary willingness to say I love you first.  So, be wholehearted this Valentine’s, go the wholehearted approach and say “I love you” before they do.





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