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Neon people push the limits

Posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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Neon brands light up a room.  Neon people love the limelight.  You are more often in the third circle than not.  Yours is a world of bright, shiny, new ideas.  Different approaches.  Bucket loads of energy.

Like your gaseous counterpart – you do not react easily.  You are not combustible.  You don’t lose your temper often.  Rather you seek out different people and different approaches.  You are ever changing, every truing, ever testing.

Neon Celebrities? Fan Bing Bing, Jeremy Scott, Miuccia Prada, Rihanna, David Bowie, Marina Abramovic

You get it…..ever changing, always lighting up the world.

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