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Money, money, money

Posted on: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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Does money matter?

Obviously we all need some money to survive and prosper but how does money affect our motivation?  How does it impact our treatment of other people?

A study titled The Psychological Consequences of Money by Kathleen D Vohs (Science, AAAS) conducted nine experiments  to prove that money makes people feel self-sufficient and act with cofidence, require less help from others and offer less help in return.  In short, it changes people’s motivation for the better and their behaviour towards others, potentially for the worse.

Money enables people to achieve goals without the aid of others.  In other words, the promise or priming of money makes people work longer, work harder and be less likely to request assistance.

This explains why people view money as the greatest good and the greatest evil.  As cultures and countries develop, commercialisation has enabled the pursuit of material goals while diminishing reliance on friends and family.  And in much of western society – possessing a large amount of it means that you are awarded status by society.


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