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Liquid brands are everchanging

Posted on: Sunday, September 11, 2016 Category: Liquid (1)
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Liquid brands are the ultimate chameleons.  You change with the environment.  You are fluid, adaptable and reflective.
You are willing to take on other’s ideas. You love to change.  You love to be convinced by others to take a different path.  You are not rigid in your views or your beliefs.  You are ready to listen.  Always.
Liquid brands are adaptable.  You live by three key rules:

  1. everything that is said is a gift – so you acknowledge and thank the giver.
  2. you don’t believe in ‘no’.  You listen to ideas, acknowledge them with a ‘yes’ and then you add the word ‘and’ to change the direction of the conversation.
  3. you do not believe in hierarchy – you are happy to lead and be led, you only look for the best solution.

Liquid brands are forever changing.  You love the new and adapt accordingly.

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