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Schmidt and Rosenberg (the powerhouses behind Google’s phenomenal success) wanted creative people.  IBM surveyed more than 1,500 CEOs across 33 industries and 60 countries and the number one most coveted attribute that they are looking for?  Creativity.  There it is – that word again.

People who are creative are curious.  They seek out knowledge and are inspired by the sheer concept of learning ‘stuff’.  They make connections of ideas, people and philosophies.  They are often in the second circle when they engage with others.  It enables them to make these connections.  You say something to them and they reach into their memory and think of someone else who told them something similar and they connect.  You with their friends, your ideas with theirs.  Creativity is compounded by connection.

They are not protective of their contacts, ideas, friends or time.  How do you get yourself into this creative space?

  1. Seek out ‘stuff’ – try to understand things that wouldn’t normally interest you. Ask people why they do things?  Speak to people that can’t directly help you today – try to understand things about them.  Everyone has a story and something that they can teach you.
  2. Share ideas freely – contrary to what comes naturally to us, protecting our ideas can stifle them. Ideas need Oxygen – they need to grow.  Being vulnerable enough to ask others what they think is a personal strength and will only serve to strengthen your ideas.
  3. Take time to play – we are not huge proponents of the whole mindful/meditation movement.  However, tinkering and pondering, reflecting and thinking are verbs at the heart of creativity.  Sometimes you need to just put everything down and play!

Making things feels great!

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