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The biggest mistake that many of our clients make is that they think about their brand from their point of view – what is my message?  What do I want to tell people?

But all brands only succeed if people want them.  So you need to understand the impact of your brand on others and learn to adapt your style to meet different situations.

A key element to presence is the ability to ADAPT.  Watch how people react to you – very few people can hide their feelings.  You know pretty quickly when someone doesn’t believe you, is distracted or they like you immediately.

A HUGE part of presence is the ability to read other people and adapt the way that you are engaging with them.

You can lean in to engage, lean out to disengage and be neutral to be present.  Being in the moment enables you to absorb your surroundings and understand how others are seeing and hearing you.  Remember the 7,38,55 rule?  93% of your ability to get others to like you is based on your voice and your physical being.  It is not what you are saying…it is how you are saying it…and how they are hearing it.

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