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Inquisitive – why, what, where, how?

Posted on: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Category: Blog (58)
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You like to know why.  You are driven to understand the reasons behind everything.  You are so interested in the world – what makes people tick?  Why do they do the things that they do?  You are fascinated with psychology.  You want to learn how to grow yourself and to understand others.  You read.  Everything and always.  You have broad tastes – any music, any movies, any food and any place.
You seek a career that is diverse and varied. You want to try many things in life, yours is never to be set in concrete – never to go stale.

Inquisitive people:

  1. Are always trying new restaurants, shows, movies.
  2. Leave their suburb and visit others, regularly – seeking out new restaurants and cultural experiences.
  3. Read everything and all the time.
  4. Try any sport.
  5. Are the first to walk up and introduce themselves to others.
  6. Are really good listeners.

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