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Halos aren’t just for angels – you have one!

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In general,  we observe the characteristics of a person in a sequence decided by chance.  But can we change that?

First of all, we can be more deliberate about the sequence in which people see us.  People will often ‘google’ us before they actually get to see us in person.  As a result, through the material we choose to share on the likes of LINKED IN , we can create a halo effect and big impact.

The halo effect is incredibly powerful.  Leading with your strengths colours what comes next.  The halo enhances your strengths and forgives your weaknesses. Most of all, smile in your LINKED IN photos.  Smiling is kind and highly regarded because it reflects trustworthiness in someone.

  1. First of all – what are you wearing? Do you look more neat and organised? Or creative and innovative?
  2. Are you using colours that mean something?  Are you more distinctive? What image are you trying to project?
  3. What stories are you telling through your extended self? The companies that you follow, the articles you share, the people in your online social network?  They are all part of your extended self.   They are especially relevant and all influence your impact.
  4.  You are never off stage. So own how you present yourself.

Be deliberate, distinctive and authentic.

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