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Everyone has a digital device at their fingertips, 24/7 in 2015.  This has translated to consumers increasingly demanding more customised, personalised products, services and experiences – delivered straight to them.  While this leads to challenges for marketers to think of new and innovative ways to cut through and have impact, it is the PERFECT time to start thinking about your personal brand.

Brand engagement is more than the number of Likes a page receives.  It is how well the brand is perceived as a whole.  According to Forbes.com, the proliferation of digital devices and the ability to access information, products and services in an instant has led to consumers feeling more empowered and bolder when it comes to making choices.

So, if all roads lead to greater emotional engagement and more individual choices, what better way to emotionally engage with someone than person to person?  At some point in any business dealing, customers buy from people; either in person, over the phone, via word of mouth or what image they personally project by buying that product.

Albert Mehrabian (Professor Emeritus UCLA) conducted a study on people’s power to influence others in the 1960’s that has never been disproven.  In short it states that your ability to influence people is based on the following: 7% what you say; 38% your voice as you say it & 55% what you look like saying it.  Be aware of all of these elements and understand that people are increasingly looking for things that stand out from the crowd, now is the time to focus on your personal brand!

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