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Be average. It’s cool.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Category: Blog (58)
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Keith Johnstone (inventor of Theatresports amongst other things) is considered the master of improvisation. His techniques are taught the world over. He has some really interesting thoughts on what it takes to really connect with someone. Here are some of my favourites and my take on how these work for your personal brand.

1. Always reveal something, especially if you don’t know it.

This is about being open and vulnerable. We like people who are self aware, there is incredible strength in it. If someone can see their own weaknesses, we believe that they are stronger, we no longer have power over them, their vulnerability actually creates a kind of impregnability.

2. Improvisation is high risk, it is a sport.

Many of our clients come to us because they are uncomfortable speaking ‘off the cuff’ , they like to be prepared. Granted, there are times (such as results briefings) where preparation is non- negotiable, but at other times, improvising can create great results. With high risk, can come even greater returns. If you are the first to say I love you, you may just find that the person says it back! Allowing yourself to be truly in the moment means that you can both change others and be changed with them. As Johnstone points out – it is a sport!

3. Look for the obvious, not the clever. Be more average.

Sometimes when we try to be clever or funny, we fail. Sometimes being average is the best. Johnstone points out that he did some research on elite athletes. He found that invariably, they broke records when they weren’t trying to. Think about a big problem you had. You puzzled over it for hours and hours. You nearly gave up. Then three days later, you went to the bathroom – and Eureka! In fact, the original Eureka! moment was in a bath.

Johnstone says that the worst improvisation is when the players try to be too clever, too funny, too engaging. It’s cringey. So, be you, be open, be prepared to be changed.

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