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Articulate – Say it how it is

Posted on: Saturday, July 30, 2016 Category: Articulate (1)
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Articulate people are those rare individuals who just manage to get the right words together at the right time.  They don’t fill up silences .  They are quick, accurate and to the point.  Their costume reflects this.  They are the guardians of fine tailoring.  The perfect jacket.  Clean, tailored lines.  The perfect fit.  There is no flounce or flourish.  Straight.  To.  The.  Point.

A fan of the ‘bon mot’ (a witty remark or comment), the Articulate brand defines themselves by the saying – ” One should either be a work or art, or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde.

Gieves & Hawke (it’s a hard ‘G’ in Gieves) of Savile Rowe know a thing or two about cut.  They make the military uniforms for the British armed forces.  Military uniforms have to distinguish the individual – create status.  They demonstrate conspicuous conformity.  Clothes inform.  The best way to demonstrate being Articulate is to wear a bespoke suit.

In Sydney, P Johnson is your place.  Their suits define articulate beauty.  Tell them Brand New You sent you!



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