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Bold Brands wear Red Lipstick

Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2016 < 1 min read

Colours carry specific meanings that influence stereotypes – in western culture, white means good and black means bad, in China, red means luck and prosperity.

And in Western culture red can symbolise sex, power and prestige (kings/cardinals).  In classical Rome, the most powerful men were called Coccinati – one who wears red.

Psychologists Elliot and Niesta found that men find women who wear red more attractive. But maybe this is because we have a stereotype about women who choose to wear red?

To address this possibility, these researchers conducted another study. Again, they found that red attracted more attention even while all participants said that the colour did not impact their judgement.  It was truly sub conscious.

Women have been wearing lipstick as early as the 1800’s. It’s often the first cosmetic that an adolescent girl is allowed to wear, usually in the form of a sheer gloss.  Eventually it becomes a part of  many women’s ‘uniform’ and there are many reasons for this.

One theory is that it emphasizes a woman’s sexuality, another is that it helps women look younger and more attractive.

However, wearing lipstick can also be very empowering for women. When it still wasn’t generally considered ‘nice’ for women to wear lipstick, women during the suffrage movement in the late 1890’s and 1900’s wore it to defy the norm. The 1980’s power-suit-wearing woman sometimes considered her lipstick to be part of her ARMOUR as she struggled to make her way in the male-dominated corporate world. Today, women in patriarchal societies and those under religious law such as Iran are forbidden to wear lipstick.

It is a way of being finished, a little more powerful, bold and polished. To make lipstick your signature look is incredibly achievable while making an explosive impact every time.

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