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8 ways to Tinder right

Posted on: Monday, September 12, 2016 Category: Uncategorized (59)
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Get your profile right.  They may swipe right.  You may meet Mr or Mrs Right!

Tinder is the new way to meet people.   Meeting online instead of 10 deep at a bar.  Never more have first impressions counted for so much.

Remember the 7/38/55 rule.   Think about your online brand.  What is it saying about you?

Want some Tinder tips?  Here’s a few tricks to rack up those matches and find Prince Charming or your Gorgeous Goddess.

  1. Use a minimum of 3 photos, and make them solo shots. Your profile is you not you with your friends, or family, or family friends, don’t want people trying to guess which one is you.
  2. Show your interests, and use furry animals – especially if you’re a heterosexual guy. A puppy is guaranteed to sway a girl whose sitting on the fence to the right.
  3. Wear what you look best in –  55% of your ability to influence someone is based on your appearance.  Smile – everyone looks better smiling.
  4. Use your bio, keep it simple, but show who you are. What you say accounts for 7% of your ability to influence someone.
  5. Language. Don’t be crude, creepy, or sleazy. And be eloquent. While the 7/38/55 rule is based on face to face interactions, in today’s society with social media, your use of text language counts towards how you say things.
  6. For guys, initiate the conversation, it may be 2016 but a little bit of chivalry will go a long way.
  7. Be conversational, don’t just say hi to each other. Again, its how you say it; how you introduce yourself. Ask how his or her day is going.  Better yet, comment on things within their bio or photos. Get them talking about what they love, and possibly similar interests.
  8. Finally, don’t take too long to ask him/her out. Do get to know him/her first, but once you’ve learned the basics, suggest something like a casual drink or coffee.

Remember, make your profile your brand.  Is what you are putting out there who you really want to be?  While you may be hidden behind a screen, you still need to influence someone to swipe right.

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